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           The Crown Contour Machine                                   The Crown Design Contour is a permanent makeup digital machine provides the practitioner with state-of-the- art computerized technology. It is equipped and controlled by an Intel microprocessor "chip". The central processing unit offers the most advanced features, which allow for the selection of pre-programmed settings for various procedures, i.e. eyebrow, eyeliner, lip color and medical procedures. This Beautiful machine was designed to assist the practitioner in distinguishing between the varying areas of application, i.e. eyes, lips, eyebrows and medical. Software installed in the central processing unit, the operating system, consistently calculates the best needle frequency (speed) needed to achieve optimal pigment retention. Skin structure varies according to the location, because the structure and tolerance of the skin is different for each area of application. This Crown Design Contour is manufactured in China and has more power than most other rotary devices. The needle frequency can be adjusted from 50 to 180 punctures per second. This allows the practitioner more flexibility in needle groupings. With the increased power, the practitioner is able to perform every type of cosmetic and medical procedure available. It also has a LCD panel, which continuously displays program information as well as actual and recommended needle frequencies for the procedure. A timer within the machine keeps track of actual procedure time and is also displayed on the LCD.   Cosmetic tattooing is a very precise process that is difficult to repair or remove. Therefore, it is extremely important for a well-trained and experienced cosmetic tattoo professional to use the best equipment available. The Luxury machine System of sterile needle cartridges and computerized equipment, which is a fully computerized digital permanent, cosmetics device. It is controlled by a microprocessor chip and has the following advantages over analogue rotary pen machines:    Individual Program Settings:  Internal software calculates the best needle speed for good pigment implantation. This is important because skin structure and texture varies by location. For instance, areola skin is thicker and denser than eyelid skin. For areola pigmentation, the "Medical" program automatically adjusts the needle speed and increases power to the hand piece so pigment is inserted more efficiently. For an eyeliner procedure, the "Eyes" program slows down the power and needle frequency so pigment is deposited more gently. The Intelligent has pre-programmed settings for different procedures (Eyebrows, Eyes, Lips, and Medical). However, a technician can adjust the speed any time if needed. This sophisticated technology improves upon the "one speed fits all" design of rotary pen or coil machines. Automatic Speed Adjustment: The Luxury machine maintains a stable needle frequency during all procedures. When resistance or pulling of the skin occurs, the digital control unit adjusts the power and needle speed so the rate of needle punctures per second remains constant. A simple analogy is a car set on cruise control: When it drives uphill, the car accelerates to maintain a constant pre-set speed, or when it drives downhill it slows down. The Luxury stable needle speed ensures consistent pigment implantation for better results. Zero-Tolerance Hand Piece:  The Luxury hand piece is manufactured with a “Zero Tolerance System” so it operates without any sideways movement of the needle. This prevents unnecessary tissue damage and improves performance. Lines such as hair strokes appear more clearly defined because the hand piece functions with greater precision. Patented Safety Needle: The luxury Disposable Safety Needle Cartridge has several U.S. and European patents. Its features address the safety concerns of those nation’s health care agencies. First, the needle and its protective tube are combined into one sterile disposable cartridge that is completely independent of the hand piece. Internal diaphragms stop fluid or airborne particles from entering the hand piece chamber which prevents internal contamination. That means there is no cross-contamination between clients. Second, the needle protrudes (sticks out) from the cartridge only when the Intelligent is turned on and running. As soon as the power is turned off, the needle automatically slides back into the cartridge. That function prevents an accidental "stick" (puncture) of the client or the technician. “Click Here to Return CDA School” CDA School of Permanent Cosmetics 105 South 4th Street Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814